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Boxed In - Episode Discussion

-Awww, injured Rangers. ALL THE HURT/COMFORT.
-Antonio is so concerned about Jayden! Awwww.
-Mentor is actually being a good mentor! What the hell?
-Antonio is so excited by the challenge!
-Awww, Kevin
-"There's nothing I want more than you in top form." Oh, SHOW
-I am super sad that we don't get to see more of Jayden being poisoned
-Oh, villain bickering
-Bulk and Spike! Wanting to help people!
-Antonio fainting!
-He is the best ever, OMG
-Mia is the best
-Deker, how are you so pretty?
-Deker backstory!
-Jayden, you are SUCH a Red Ranger
-I really was hoping Deker would have said ultimate pleasure
-Emily, you are the best!
-Aww, Kevin
-Best friend, boyfriend. Same difference in this case.
-The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one
-Awww, Spike tried! Always a monster attack...
-Oh, Antonio, you have So MUCH ANGST
-Seriously, he is an AMAZING tech, why isn't he BFF with Billy and Cam?
-Antonio is smarter than everyone
-Everything about this is amazing
-Jayden's FACE.
-Dayu and Deker backstory!
-Fight scene!
-Man, this is really another season where Red + Sixth are way stronger than everyone else
-Antonio Garcia, I love you so much
-That was an AMAZING spin sword attack
-Antonio is the best
-I take it back, THAT was an amazing spin sword attack
-Oh, Bulk and Spike
-A Big Bang Theory? Ahahaaha, I am thinking of ridiculous crossovers
-That's a lot of moogers
-You DO have the goods, Antonio
-Jayden, don't turn down your friends just because you're fantasizing about Deker
-Good boy, Jayden.


Jun. 4th, 2011 03:21 pm (UTC)
My husband was the same way last week! Then this week he swore he heard Deker say he wanted Jayden "on top" and about choked.